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Originals, Videos February 3, 2022February 8th, 2022

Viresque Acquirit Eundo

Juliette Lacome – Bienvenue chez Vans.

A household name in the southwest of France since forever and a grom for what feels like an eternity!

‘Juju’, as she’s known by her close friends only recently celebrated her nineteenth lap around the sun, and has just started her adult career as professional surfer with a shiny new sticker on her board. A recent changing of the guard so to speak, and the word must be spread.

Growing up in the city we hold dearest; Biarritz. Juliette has been immersed in a unique, culture-rich surf scene from a very young age. Surrounded by the likes of Lee-Ann Curren amongst other stellar surfers from the French Basque region.

When she’s not at home you’ll find her rubbing shoulders with the crème de la crème of the surfing world, fresh back from a stint to the Ho residence in Hawaii.

C’est pas un grand secret que la France is fickle. Especially in the Winter. The Swell is oversized too big, the wind is just wrong and every time you check it you’ve missed the tide.

Even more so when you’re trying to be productive and film. So we cut loose, rinsed budgets and decided to jump on the next high speed train to Paris and soak up some haute culture and a suitable amount of autumnal sprits for a couple of days to take our minds off things.

For the full low down on what get’s Juliette out of bed in the morning, in the form of an accompanying print feature, Wasted Talent Vol X is out on the 10/2/22 or, if you’re an American, 2/10/22.

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