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From the World February 15, 2022

Ethan Egiguren In Sin Puerto


If you’re a Wasted Talent standing reservation holder (and we thank you), you’re already quite familiar with the brothers Egiguren.

Basque proteges, nightmare-inducing pronunciations for the English-speakers, phenomenally adept on a bit of fiberglass. Overall fantastic people, the list goes on. Thankfully it hasn’t been too long since we last heard from Ethan or Julen.  The former only just recently joined us on our trip around the Emerald Isle in search of slabs, points, reefs, the odd beachie and the not-so-odd pint-or-five of Guinness. For further details, see: Hope Springs Eternal. 

Ethan and Julen’s latest offering, “Sin Puerto,” finds them on the receiving end of a bit of last-minute trip planning. Their original intention was to travel to Mexico. The invisible hand of flight cancellations had other plans. So they decided to explore the Atlantic Coast instead. With regards to the pursuit of good times and heavy, uncrowded waves, they were more than successful. 

Starring Ethan Egiguren, Julen Egiguren, Guillermo Gutiérrez and Gonzalo Gutiérrez.

Directed by Alex Kuesta.

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