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Luidgi Gaydu is an absolute legend in the Parisian/French skate scene.

An integral part of Converse Europe, Luidgi’s role in elevating your favourite skaters over the last decade has been instrumental.

The likes of Vincent Touzery, Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, Remy Taveira and Roman Gonzalez, to name a few, all probably owe a debt to Luidgi for his driven determination in them to succeed. It’s a role so natural to him that he’s currently elevating the next generation via his brand Quotamine.

Olivier Fanchon‘s Moments delves deeper into Luidgi’s psyche however. At 48 years of age, Luidgi’s motivation for life shows no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s skateboarding, art, photography, the man’s passion and enthusiasm is intoxicating, as it is inspiring. Not only is Moments a testament to Luidgi’s persona. But also a beautiful ode to how vital having OG’s in skateboarding is for the next generation.

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