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Concrete Jungle Foundation is an innovative non-profit whose mission is to empower individuals and communities worldwide through fostering and sustaining the positive values inherent to skateboarding.

Filmmaker Jago Stock‘s short documentary explores the impact of the new Freedom Skatepark in Kingston, Jamaica, a year after it was completed by CJF.

Through interviews with local staff, youth, and parents, the film lends credence to the idea of skateparks as not only a site for recreation but also community building and personal growth, aided through the use of positive youth development programmes such as Edu-Skate.

It’s a refreshing testament to the power skateboarding holds in bringing people together. And with news that the Foundation have just announced a new project in the form of Tameslouht Skatepark, just outside Marrakech, Morocco, we’re excited to see CJF expand even more moving forward. You can find out more about their latest project here.

To delve deeper, head over to Grey for an interview with Edu-Skate teacher Rayquon Abrahams.

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