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We’ve been waiting on this one with bated breath ever since we saw that Thrasher ad last week.

By now it’s pointless to try and write anything about Oskar ‘Oski’ Rozenberg Hallberg.

You all know who he is. A product of Byrggeriet High School in Malmö, Sweden, a child prodigy who we’ve all been privileged to watch continually  progress over the past decade to the absolute beast he is today.

If you’ve ever been to a CPH Open you’ll have witnessed just how incredible it is to watch the guy skate.

This latest part, in celebration of Oski’s most recent Nike SB Dunk colorway, is an absolute joy to behold, with Atlantic Drift maestro Jacob Harris lending his artistic touch, most notably via a Scouse VoiceOver, and with cameos from the likes of Casper Brooker, Hugo Boserup and MVP Ville Wester, we can’t almost guarantee you’re gonna watch this more than once. Enjoy!

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