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(and have others take all the credit for any good work you may have done?)

Oh the life of an intern! And it could be yours!

In all seriousness, we are looking for candidate for the oh so famous summer internship. You’ll gain a wide range of experience, have real time valuable input and see a solid insight into the grit and the dirty, dirty underbelly of the surf and skate industry all whilst being by the beach in South West France, working with a young dynamic team. We promise it’s fun. We don’t shout at you that much. There’s often beers after 5pm.

Sharpen your pencils mes amis.

Wasted Talent Marketing Internship

Hossegor France, 2022.


This is an autonomous role with high levels of responsibility reporting directly to the founders of the company. This role is predominantly a junior marketing role primarily related to Wasted Talent Boutique and Studio. There will also be assistance for Wasted Talent Magazine administrating and helping, prepare, execute and deliver a wide range of projects as well as assisting on marketing roles related to e commerce and a light sprinkling of shop floor sales. 

Wasted Talent Boutique & Studio

  • Managing the smooth running of Wasted Talent Studio, a regularly changing pop up retail and events space
  • Managing key events and activations
  • Running the day to day of the studio space. 
  • Customer focused and friendly
  • Creation of assets for store and product marketing
  • Administration of product galleries and pricing

Co-ordinating marketing assets for product drops

  • Conception and implementation of digital marketing campaigns alongside with E commerce responsible.

Wasted Talent Magazine  

  • Social Media strategy and development
  • Assisting in developing ideas.
  • Website tasks
  •  Helping plan and implement events across Europe.
  • Assisting on pre and post production for content creation jobs.
  • Potential for travel in assistant producer, assistant photographer or runner role.

Profile and Skills.

A dynamic, current deep and comprehensive understanding of the surf and skate subcultures and the brands that operate within. A full time froth lord or lady. Studying marketing or business related degree, and able to have a real impact from day one, learning as you go and providing an injection of new energy into team WT.

You will have a good grasp of photography and video editing, able to assist our creative team in their duties and shoot smaller projects for in house use on your own. A working knowledge of photoshop and abode creative suite will be key. 

We expect you to be social yet professional, able to put in the extra hours where it matters but at the same time enjoying the benefits of working for a young company in our specific sector of the industry (read, very social).

You must be in full time higher education (university) and speak fluent English, with a solid grasp of French and Spanish a desirable plus. If you do not speak French, please do not apply.

Practical, capable to be out on the road during a diverse range of shoots acting as a runner and with a high level of organisation aiding senior staff members co-ordinate complicated projects across global locations

Any marketing, retail or people skill based experience will be considered a huge plus/ 

Most crucially you will be able to jump around and lend a hand wherever is needed.


Internship will be for a minimum duration of 6 months starting from May 1st. This 6 month period is extendable.

This is a paid internship in accordance with French law.

Please send covering letter and CV in English to for the attention of Alex.

*Barney Page has never been our intern and unfortunately, probably never will be.

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