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Always a pleasure when new AO footy drops.

Humorously labelled as a “dolphin aquatic communications collaboration vehicle” of sorts with our good friends over at Token NYC, this marks the first visual outing from Call Me 917 since the “Limosine exodus” and is a refreshing blend of skateboarding and surfing seamlessly merging, which we back all day long.

Monsieur Olson does what he does best, taking care of¬†concrete waves with Rob Taro bringing support, whilst Robbie Pugh and Joseph O’Leary aka L.J. – who we became recently acquainted with in California thanks to our friend Beeg – taking care of the action in the water.

It’s as random and bizarre as it sounds but in an ever stagnated world of content it’s a breathe of fresh air and for that we salute all involved.



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