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It’s no secret Ishod Wair is obsessed with cars.

In fact we first learnt of Ishod’s love for BMW almost 5 years ago when we had a little chat whilst freeballing in Catalonia.

Instagram followers might recall seeing dash cam footage last year,  when Ishod’s beloved 1990 BMW 325i T-Boned after another driver pulled out in front of him.

It was here when Munich skateboarder Christian Bradl decided to reach out about documenting not only Ishod’s love for cars. But the moment BMW offered to help Wair source a new vehicle.

The result being this dreamy 5 minute snapshot which perfectly captures Ishod’s spirit and his ecstasy in getting back on the road in the form of  dazzling, true-to-specs 1991 BMW 318is in Cosmo Black. A true collector’s dream and a worthy successor to the BMW 325i.


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