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Originals March 25, 2022March 30th, 2022

Return Of The Liaizon

restock | riːˈstɒ   k |

verb [with object ]

replenish (a store) with fresh stock or supplies: work began at once to restock the Liaizon.

Yes, after much demand (some more aggressive than others), our co-act with Globe returns.

An elegant post modern twist on the penny loafer, constructed from the finest of full grain leathers and accompanied by gold coin inserts to commemorate our on-going camaraderie with Globe.

22_03_16 MS Sammy Liaizon Globe-21
22_03_16 MS Sammy Liaizon Globe-10
22_03_16 MS Sammy Liaizon Globe-17
22_03_16 MS Sammy Liaizon Globe-34
22_03_16 MS Sammy Liaizon Globe-67
22_03_16 MS Sammy Liaizon Globe-70
22_03_16 MS Sammy Liaizon Globe-56


Effortlessly whisking you from the beaches of the Amalfi, to the pavements of New York and ending up in the bars of Sydney as the sun begins to dip and the lights begin to twinkle.

Fine times indeed. Made all the better by a full grain leather construction, heat embossed logo hits, gold foil heel print and a custom double sided gold coin insert to celebrate the beauty of poise and elegance combined.

We knew you’d like it.

“Elegance is refusal.”

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