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If Covid highlighted anything, it’s that Western Australia seems like a great place to be for the end of the world.

And since WA was one of the first places to go into full lockdown with some of the strictest rules for entry enforced, the locals had there luxury of a coastline free of tourism. Isolated from the rest of the world Kael Walsh took full advantage it seems.

“When Covid started kicking off, it was one of the first places to go into lockdown,” Kael Walsh explains. “Then they never really lifted it. Nobody could get in without a proper exemption — and even if you had that, you had to quarantine for 14 days. But if you were in, there weren’t really any restrictions. We were fully isolated. While the rest of the world was dealing with it, we were just doing our thing.”

Kael’s “thing” is surfing. More specifically, pulling into violent waves with a certain nonchalance and doing airs that would create a sense of uneasiness in the guts of those who fear heights. As the eleven minutes above demonstrates in emphatic fashion.

Shoutouts to Tom Jennings on the angles and Wade Carroll on the edit.

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