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Don’t you just love it when you find lost footage?

Our good friend Markus Bengtsson did just that.

Filmed across the past two years, I say what I think, silent, is “footage that wasn’t good enough to get used, lost. But now found and also saved for this video”.

As expected, it features all the Poetic Collective regulars as well as all the (mostly) Swedish homies including Santiago Sasson, Simon Källkvist, Gunes Özdogan, Alexander Carelle, Simon Hallberg, Peter Johansson, Olle Kling, Tom Botwid, Samuel Norgren, Sengo Prevost, Vilbur Fritzon, Bastien Regeste, Guillaume Nozieres, Felix Adler, Artur Brändström, Johan Larsson, Lukas Bigun, Victor Larsson Blé, Flemming Pedersen and Dylan Flucher.


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