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A Studio Residence. A Colab. A Giveaway.

An inherent part of spending our lives on the run is the need for good luggage. Cameras. Surfboards. Emotional baggage. We carry it all with us and by god, in years previous did we look like complete douchebags doing so. Oversized logo boardbags, dragged through Heathrow, LAX and Cape Town. Inconvenient duffles and broken wheelie bags to CPH, CDG and BCN.

The shame!

Enter our good friends Db. A bunch of very cunning Scandinavians with a great thirst for Ummi Kombucha (as we learnt last night) and they also happen to be quite well disposed to designing luggage. Now we, like most look at most things with a heavy lens of scepticism but over the past years, product testing on behalf of our thirsty scandi friends (read throwing boardbags from land rovers) we’ve been blown away by the attention to detail and quality of the luggage that’s been keeping us on the move the world over.

So we decided to join forces.

A colab of three products we deem essential to life on the road, discreet luxury. An award winning hard case cabin sized carry on, compatable with camera insert. A single boardbag and a notebook, for noting well, whatever you feel at that moment in time.  Married with a two week residence of Db in Wasted Talent Studio, so if you happen to be in the burning inferno that is South West France over the next weeks do come by and say hi, the drinks are on ice and as always, on the house.

Can’t make it? Don’t want to miss your chance to get a piece of the action? Shop the colab here now.


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