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Our dear friend Yentl Touboul, smashing it once again.

Three years in the making, mostly due to Covid of course, Debris Hill acts as a collection of memories from distant and less distant times, recorded sporadically between 2019 and 2022 in Indonesia and Australia.

From an initial trip to Indo with good friends Tito Lavole and Jai Walsh, Yentl then followed the pair back to NSW where he met Benny Howard for the first time. Friendships blossomed. Clips were stacked. But just as a project of sorts started, lockdowns stalled it.

Fortunately filmmaking friends stepped in with the likes of Dane SingletonDan ScottJack TaylorSimon Levalois-BazerRyan MattickSamuel RutherfordBarli Doyle and Jackson Jones all contributing those missing touches needed.

In fact Debris Hill should be a celebration of people helping people in the age of the individual. As well as a gentle reminder of how important a role independent videos play in our ever increasing culture of vlog bullshit.

To all those patiently grafting years of their life and money for one independent video. We salute you!

Oh and go check out Yentl’s interview for further insight here.

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