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A Visual Postcard from Cantabria

With a less favourable weather chart we make haste for the west. A skip across the Spanish border and into the hills where we join Basque company, Ainarat Aymat and Ander Mendiguren. A decision is made to further west into Cantabria for the day and take refuge from the wind and rain below the cliffs. Despite cold waters, moral is high and surfing boxes are ticked. Where the Atlantic meets land on this part of the Spanish coast, fast changing weather patterns often ensue, in this instance the sun shines by noon with a wind now blowing out to sea unfortunately accompanying full tides. With subpar conditions we pack the coolers, get in the car and head through the mountains and catch the dipping sun.

Video by Sam Moody

Still Photography by Carles Medina & Nil Puissant

Original score by Thom Pringle 

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