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East Coast barrel-meister Simon Hetrick recently blessed us with a new edit entitled REVAMP.

After a forced hiatus for most of 2021 due to a blown eardrum, REVAMP marks a glorious return to the water documented over the past ten months.

“The clip was filmed in my favorite places in Portugal, the north shore of Oahu and at home in Maryland, as well as other spots on the east coast. Portugal was a particularly fun time, as always, and we were lucky enough to surf a lot of nooks in the coast when the wind and swell were up in between superbocks & seafood. Matt McQueeney and I spent a couple weeks there and were greeted by back to back snow storms on arrival at home, which we did more than enough driving for. Those swells always seem to be the most memorable on the east coast though, and we had some of the best surf we had seen here in years. I went to Hawaii shortly after and camped out at my buddy Schuyler Allen’s place on the north shore for a couple months. It was a trip of a lifetime with my local friends and so many homies that happened to be there, Hawaii is the best! You can’t beat it. I came home, chased a couple swells on the east coast and then chopped up REVAMP. Hope you enjoy.”

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