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‘Brouillon. Rough draft. First draft.

Such as notes scribbled on a sheet of music. Or the first wave of a surf session. The exact moment when your mind and body are in sync. A single frequency.’

“We mostly shot for this project around South Africa back in August last year when I was travelling there with my girlfriend; she filmed all the Jbay stuff, as well as the Brittany and Portugal footage. This project was done in collaboration with my good friends¬† from home – Quentin Chaumy the filmmaker and Lou Rotzinger who’s a musician. We found that mixing the surf imagery to Lou playing instruments would add more charm to the piece. Especially with everything he’s doing nowadays, not to mention the level of surfing we’re seeing from kids these days – I didn’t feel I could release a hectic fast paced clip! So that’s how this thing came together in a nutshell. Introducing our latest project ‘Broullion’. A huge thanks to everyone who helped me on this project!” – Titouan Boyer

Directed by Quentin Chaumy & Titouan Boyer

Music by Lou Rotzinger

Shot by Quentin Chaumy & Juliette Cherhal

Edited by Quentin Chaumy & Thibault Baccarne


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