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From the World January 22, 2023February 3rd, 2023

La Isla Bonita

Video by Sam Moody | Still imagery by Carles Medina


Last month saw us very kindly shipped out to Hawaii by Vans for their hosting of the Pipe Masters — A glorious week spent waiting for the swell to fill in mostly fuelled by Fat Tire’s fruity hop.

In celebration of the Triple Crown’s third and final week let us present to you ‘La Isla Bonita’, a short documentation of the above. Hunter Martinez gets his shoes stollen complimented by four minutes of Harry Bryant, Dane Reynolds, MFeb, Shane Sykes, Holly Wawn, Dylan Graves and Nathan Fletcher out front of the Vans house in somewhat subpar conditions.

Full Pipe Master event recap coming in print – Vol. XII 03/23

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