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We recently asked Noa Deane where he sees the progression of surfing in the next 10 years and his response was one the first things which came to mind whilst watching ‘Toasted’…

“I feel like a bunch of the young girls are going crazy right now and changing things. Caity Simmers, Sierra Kerr and Erin Brooks are amazing. Caity came down to the south coast recently and just seeing her surf live had me tripping. It feels like there isn’t a lid on how good they’re going to get. You can already see they have power and they are taking it to the next level. I feel like on that air front no girls have pushed it that hard.”

Caity Simmers is director, editor and star of this 23 minute surf film featuring Sierra Kerr, Bella Kenworthy, Molly Picklum, Timo Simmers, and has appearances from Mikey February, Tanner Gudaskas, Tex Mitchell & Ian Crane.

To find our more about the making of ‘Toast’ head on over to Stab to read the ‘Unlocked’ article.

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