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“My name is Arthur Longo, but everybody calls me Alfred”. 

Ain’t cross-disciplinary learning the most beautiful of things? And none more so than those encapsulated by the mutual appreciation, nay coy admiration, that the entire ‘boardsports community’ (cringe!) has for a certain Mr Arthur Longo. 

Arthur dropped off the competitive circuit in 2016 due to breaking his wrist into ‘a million pieces’ after a long stint as the world’s favourite darling half pipe rider. A road to Damascus moment where he decided to commit to filming and producing the best video parts going. Don’t believe us? Fire up the following; She 1,2,3! Elles! The Landline part! And so much more, yet at the age of 34 we feel like he’s only just getting started.

But first, some context – for snowboarding is a delicate scene. Pushed so deep into the underground that the core became molten lava. But the renaissance is blooming! Despite the distinct barriers to entry, the whole union of binding companies to deal with, and a strictly enforced rule of beanie wearing 24/7. 

So it was with bowed heads and deep respect that we made our way to the Alps. To Arthur’s adopted home of Chamonix. What you can’t read in this text is Arthur’s demeanour. He’s animated. Lively. Laughs in between sentences. A true conversationalist. 

Days spent riding the resort and learning more about the man himself. 

Introducing, Alfred. 

“I get so excited snowboarding. The sensation I get is an energy like nothing else. There’s the rare moments in season where I feel I can snowboard exactly how I want. This board control, you’re on point with your speed, trajectory, landings – pop.

I get this flow state.

I’m in love.”

–  Arthur Longo


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