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‘URRIA’, meaning October in Basque.

“For this project, the main goal was to show what we could do in Autumn at home in the basque country as twenty year old surfers and filmers, without the help of any sponsors, just our means, and of course, the conditions given.

We (Keppa Housset & Theo Preuilh) both grew up here in the Basque Country and know that even with the variety of spots we have it’s definitely harder to get good clips at home than in a lot of other destinations we’ve been to. But we wanted to do it anyway to prove it’s possible if you put enough time and energy into it between the contests and the rainy days and you can get stuff done.

We named it ‘URRIA’ because we started filming the first sessions back in October. Between bad conditions, me going to Indo in November and Kepa going to Australia in February it didn’t give us much time… So here we are, at beginning of March with what we can call our first proper surf edit made together, and it felt so good to work with a mate, sharing ideas and visions. Filming in places we know the best, with fun waves and putting this together with the music we like to hear in surf videos.

And it’s only the beginning!”


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