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‘Db trip with Craig Anderson and Kaito Ohashi’ – The words scribbled on and off the Wasted Talent calendar a few times last year. The original plan was bulletproof: base ourselves in London and jet after a swell anywhere on the planet we fancied, sequentially documenting the entire journey. But a week before our planned meet, Craig’s knee collided with a reef in Ireland and the injury meant everything got put on ice.

Now an invite into the Pipe Masters didn’t put Craig much closer to us on the map, but Hawaii very much on the agenda. In fact, we were already going, as was Craig, and with Oahu only a mere seven hours from Tokyo via Nippon Air, this made it easy for Kaito too.

Despite an annual visit, and gentle reminders from our seasoned veteran filmer (which were ignored), there was a slight oversight on crowds and potential productivity. Why would the week leading up to one of the world’s biggest surf events crammed into a seven mile long strip of coastline be any less busy this year…

Rather than taking you through our seven days of checking Rockies down to Rock Piles and back again, we felt it more interesting to provide vision via our latest short motion picture embedded above.

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