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Back in October of 2022, Volcom and Fat Tire joined forces on a Surf Team House somewhere along the Outer Banks in North Carolina. High uncertainties on weather and unexpected forecasting left the crew wondering what kind of surf they would see, if any. The wind blew, the rain came and went, then things lined up, the wind went offshore the swell fired! The crew scored 5 straight days of solid surf.

“Having all my Volcom family under one roof for a month on my favourite sand lot was very special. The crew, the vibes, the locals, the waves, the Fat Tire beers, and the family time was what it was all about. The East Coast is where I belong and I can’t thank them enough for putting their time and efforts in over here. Can’t wait to get barrelled with the crew again somewhere in the near future ” – Seth Conboy

Featuring Balaram Stack, Ryan Burch, Mauro Diaz, Gabe Morvil,  Kobe Hughes, Jake Maki, John Mincher, Rob Brown, Mark Yonkers, Kai Wescoat, Cole Deveney and Seth Conboy.

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