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“If I could tell little 13 year old me, sitting in his room on the floor, squinting at a shitty old television watching Craig & Dane on repeat that they were one day going to sponsor me with their own brand…I reckon my little lid would have popped! I’m so stoked to be on FORMER. It’s a funny feeling when the brands founders / team mangers rip harder than you and you just gotta try keep up!” – Shaun Manners

“Shaun is steeped in the WA heritage that produced Taj, Jay and Creed and so many more. He is no doubt carrying on that legacy of unique and authentic surfers with style and talent. He can do it all; big technically difficult airs, negotiate an 8 foot slabbing, gnarly ass wave, and then follow it up at the pub. We are so pumped to have him on the team. Can’t wait to see what he has in store with the Crux on his board” – Dane Reynolds

“I am really excited to have Chun join the Former family. He embodies what this brand is all about and why we started it; Individuality, authenticity, and having a good time. I think he is currently one of the best free surfers out there and I’m keen to go on trips with him and try to keep up.“ – Craig Anderson

“I met Shaun not knowing what he did at first and was told shortly after by another friend to watch one his latest parts. Not only is he an incredible surfer, but his personality both on and off the board are quickly noticed. I’m glad he finally has a home to debut all the rad things he has to offer. Welcome to the Former family Shaun!” – Austyn Gillette


(We have a full interview with Mr Manners printed in Volume XII coming very very soon…)

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