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Kasinoa ~ Casino

A public building for gambling and entertainment

Those who’ve travelled to this small Basque fishing town in hope of finding world class waves know what a gamble it can be. The odds of aligning optimum swell and wind with a good tide window without impossible crowds are roughly 1/365, maybe closer to 1/3650. Managed to pull that off? Now you have to hope the locals are being somewhat civil that day. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a scrap off the second peak. Getting shouted at as you paddle back past the harbour if you get a good one is unfortunately non-negotiable. This is where I must say our old friend Balaram Stack defied all odds. An evening flight into Bilbao to join William Aliotti for a photoshoot allowed for a quick caña with dinner before awakening to 6-8ft immaculate Mundaka. All booked long in advance and completely unplanned of course. Photoshoot schedules get deprioritised and we luck a space in the carpark directly opposite the old Casino, slap bang in the harbour. Four hours of uncrowded Mundaka later and the tide fills in, leading us straight to a late lunch with guilt-free beers til dusk. Big winnings.

Filmed by Doug Guillot / Additional filming by Zalo Campa

Full article published in Volume XII – Available here


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