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Our dearest Shane Borland‘s last year of surfing around the world beautifully pieced together by Chapter 11 editing bay wizard Hunter Martinez. Successful visits to Mexico, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Hawaii in optimum conditions provides us with an enjoyable viewing.


“I did a few trips to different parts of Mex for the clip but the whole last section is from a trip down to Barra (De La Cruz) at the end of last summer. I went down with Tosh Tudor, Luana Silva, and Kalani Minihan and Tosh’s dad Joel came and met us down there. We stayed at a super sick spot right on barra, so we could see the waves from our house and we would just walk down when we saw the best window. The sand was pretty good and there was some solid swell so we pretty much just surfed 7 hours a day for a week straight and got like a thousand mini tubes (laughs). The only time we left our zone was to restock on beer and food. I was on a pretty good diet of cereal, bean quesadillas, Modelo’s, spliffs, and lots of liquid IV’s. Shout out to tosh for planning it and inviting me!”

Incase you somehow missed Shane’s playlist in our FM section, you can listen to it here.

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