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Whether it’s a serious full-length or quick recap of an off-the-cuff tour, every video project goes through iterations, ebbs and flows, and sometimes, last-minute tweaks to find its flow. Filmed over the last year, Nike SB’s latest project is “Gassed Up” an edit by Ant Travis bookended by full parts from Nicole Hause and Hayley Wilson, with a montage of the SB squad getting loud in the middle.

Filmed in Malmö, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and various spots of varying crust quotients throughout Australia and the Pacific Northwest, “Gassed Up” found its flow through the crew’s spontaneity, personality, and a persistent penchant for dancing and screaming pop tunes at full volume.

Nike caught up with Ant, Nicole, and Hayley to get a behind-the-scenes look at all the things which shaped “Gassed Up” which you can read here.

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