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Summer to Winter. The best part of a year’s footage from our favourite East coasters Seth Conboy and Balaram Stack. A project made possible by Volcom, DB Journey & Chilli Surfboards and masterfully edited by Matt McQueeney.

“This was a project I started a bit ago just collecting clips of myself, but had no real plans on what to do with the footage. The idea of editing a clip of just me seemed super overplayed as surf parts come and go in the matter of seconds these days. I wanted to edit a surf video that represented the change of seasons as well as portraying what it means to be an East Coast surfer whether it’s a perfect crisp fall day or a state of emergency blizzard. Loading up your car, calling up the homie, and getting to the best line up the East can offer. When he is home, Balaram is always ready to go, wherever, whenever. He has been an influence to not just me, but for all East Coast surfers, or all surfers at this point. He’ll get there no matter what, out party you, and probably get the wave of the day. Bal has taught me more than a book in and out of the water and still gets me amped to surf. I think this is what surfing is about to me these days. Sharing pumping line ups with your best friends is fucking roots.”Seth Conboy


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