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Interviews, Originals July 3, 2023October 19th, 2023

Catching Up with Beatrice Domond

Beatrice Domond likes to keep busy.

So much so that we’ve been meaning to link up for an interview ever since we crossed paths in London 8 months ago. But alas, conflicting time zones, busy schedules and neglected emails meant it never came to fruition.

So when we heard Beatrice was dropping a new Vans collection, we played the marketing card and and locked in a call. Discussing hands on design, why Paris was a disappointment and of course, that Gifted Hater rant.

Hey Beatrice how you doing? It’s been a minute.

Hey I’m good thanks. Yeah it’s been a while, I think the last time I saw you was in London.

Yeah I think it was when we were shooting Helena’s capsule collection.

Yeah I mentioned that to George. How did that all turn out?

Really good, the video seemed to be well received and she had a really fun launch down at Stockwell.

Wait! What? I didn’t see that! Damn I missed it.

Yeah she had a full launch at Brixton’s Baddest Skateshop. I think Poetic Collective even surprised her with a board.

She had clothing too huh?

Yeah it was a full capsule collection.

Sick! I’ma have to check that out. I’ve been waiting to see the video, I’ll have to peep it after this.

How is it going over there? Pretty manic I can imagine.

Yeah manic but calm. I think naturally I’m just a still person. I’m not too stressed out but it’s a lot.

Speaking to 18 different medias all asking the same questions.

Yeah but it’s part of the job so I’m not complaining.

How is it in New York at the moment?

It’s hot. I just got back from Toronto a few days ago. It’s just a bit hot, sticky and humid. But everyone’s here for the party and the launch, so that’s exciting. It’s nice. It brings out that New York energy. People out and about, excited about something y’know?

Sick. I saw that you finally managed to visit Paris this year.

Yeah I finally did!

How was that? I’m always intrigued by people’s perception of Paris?

I don’t know dude. Paris was sick in terms of what I got to do there. The event with Vans. Introducing our new shoe and collection. But in terms of the city. I think I romanticised it a little too much and I was a little disappointed. 

I love how Paris has all these romantic connotations but really it’s super crowded, super hectic, really dirty….

So dirty! It’s funny because Sav(annah Stacey Keenan) from Palace kept saying, “oh when you get to Paris mate, you’re gonna love it”. And I’m like, “Ok this is gonna be my type of shit” and then I get there and I’m like, “what did she think……she doesn’t even know me, this place is horrible!” haha. 

And you were in Seoul just before Paris right? How was that?

Yeah I was there for an FA opening. We just opened a store in a bar and we were also filming for our video so it was super fun. 

Who was out there with you?

Dill, AVE, all the boys, Diego……some new riders which I’m sure we’ll be announcing soon, Andrew Allen, it was super sick.

What’s the vibe like out there? I’ve never been.

The vibe is chill. The people are super nice. Food’s really good. Skin care is great. I liked it a lot. I was such a ball. The last time I had that much fun was in London. So London, Milan and Seoul are my new favourite places.

What were the spots like?

They’re good. Everything’s like, untouched marble. The culture of skateboarding out there is still super young. Like every male out there has to join the military at eighteen. So I guess it kinda stunts the growth of skateboarding. But I think with FA opening a store out there and Supreme opening their store out there, it’s gonna create some traction. Hopefully the scene grows.

You got any more trips lined up or you staying in New York for a while now?

I’m gonna try and stay in New York for a while. I’ll obviously try and visit London at some point, see all my friends out there. But after all this is all done I’ve kinda got some other projects I’m working on. Focus on my skate part and just really focus on skating cause I’ve kinda been doing three things at once, which is harder than it looks. 

How did you feel when that Gifted Hater video dropped? Because I guess a lot of people thought it was kinda harsh.

Yeah I’m sure it’s harsh. People think what they think and say what they wanna say. At the end of the day people know my name, I don’t even know his real name. So to me it’s irrelevant. He can keep talking shit about me all day. I wish him all the best but I really don’t care about him.

Congrats on the shoe by the way. I like what you did with the insole. Reminded me that you’re favourite film is The Prince of Egypt.

Haha yeah it’s literally my face attached to a Queen Nefertiti. And there’s multiple meanings to that logo. One of them being my first real gold chain I bought myself off the back of my success was a Nefertiti. So that was an attachment to me. And then me, holding myself up as regal and pristine as I am, I’m pretty much a queen in my own right. Yeah I’ll just say that too. Fuck it haha. And yeah I like The Prince of Egypt but maybe that was more of an undertone. But yeah I wanted a logo to go with the product rather than just a name. Something visual that represents me y’know.

Yeah and I think it shows how you had a strong role in designing it rather than just picking a model and a colour and not really bothering.

Oh no way! Anyone that knows me, knows that that’s not how I operate. Everything little thing I have a hand in. From the laces to the colours, to how it feels and the toe cap. Like, that’s all me. Obviously working with other people but making sure my creative direction goes a certain way. I’m not one of those skaters that’s like, “oh that’ll be sick. Tie dye. Thanks.”

I remember you saying if you weren’t a pro skater you’d be a film editor. Have you seen anything recently that you’re hyped on?

I mean lately I haven’t been watching anything serious. I’m in my lifetime movie phase. Where I’ll just stay at home and watch all these weird movies. I guess you can consider them a genre in themselves if that makes sense? They’re just so weird and obscure, so I’ve been watching them a bunch.

What’s your top three films then?

Top three films would be…The Prince of Egypt.


Yep. I watched that movie on the plane over from Toronto two days ago. Schindler’s List and that Tina Turner movie What’s Love Got To Do With It. They’re just movies I can sit and watch and learn something different every time.

What else are you working on at the moment? I saw you dropped a new zine.

Oh yeah, I make zines yearly. So I work on those, I’m currently working on one now. I’m working on two separate collections for these different brands that are super chic, clothing wise. And then I’m gonna focus on this video part that I’ve got coming out in a year so that’s my main focus really. Once all these loose ends are tied with the shoe launch, and finishing the clothes, I can give 100% focus to skateboarding again which is nice.

How do you find staying focused when you’re on the move all the time? I know a lot of people burn out or fall off drinking or whatever.

Yeah I guess I’m just focused. I don’t really drink, that’s not my thing. And I don’t have much friends around me. So like, my addiction is work. I love to make things, I like to create. I like to skateboard. That’s probably my obsession, just probably doing too much stuff. I don’t really have an issue with not being productive, I’m always doing something that’s gonna end up being something. Whether it’s a product or something I’ve made. I just like creating things. And that’s all that’s really left when you die. Like you die but that zine is still here. That shoe is still here.

Gotta leave your touch on the world I guess.


You can scope Beatrice’s full collection here.

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