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‘For most of their history, Ghanaian beaches were reserved solely for working men due to a prevailing fear of drowning in the village. This restriction barred women from enjoying the ocean, confining them to household chores.

In 2017, a man named Justice Kwofie spearheaded a transformative movement along with his six brothers with the establishment of the Obibini Surf Club. This initiative not only challenged this gender-based inequality but also the cultural fear around drowning. The surf club empowered women, granting them rights and inspiring young girls to embrace surfing as a new passion.

Justice’s visionary stance ushered in a wave of change along Ghanaian beaches, liberating women from historical limitations and sparking enthusiasm for the sport. This shift toward inclusivity has enabled Ghanaian society to evolve, providing women with the same recreational prospects as men and allowing them to pursue their interests freely. With a membership of over ten active female participants, the surf club stands as a testament to the brothers’ impactful mission.’

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