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We had the utmost pleasure of meeting the masterminds behind these videos last Winter during various snow biz events across Europe – The Simpson brothers are as friendly as they are talented. After many a late night spent at various mountain bars our paths crossed again this Summer, here in the South West of France by the sea of all places, where Jake (Simpson) was spending the warmer months. When we heard they were once again premiering their video at our beloved Coolin √† la Plage we had to get involved…

“This is our 6th full length video and we went harder than ever! We changed our way of doing things this last winter (not naming shots, not shooting second angles of spots, etc) which in turn made us flow through the trips a lot easier and get more done – We found our BLISS!

The third year of premiering our snowboard video miles away from any mountains went down a treat. The fact that we do our premiere night next to the ocean cracks us up, and every year it ends up being our favourite stop, so this year we kept it at that!

Coolin, Hossegor, was where it went down. It was also the first time a load of the riders managed to come for the party so it got real loose. 6 a.m. rolled around and we were all at some techno party miles from our beds. It was a successful night if you ask me.” – Jake Simpson

Featuring Jake Simpson, Joe Simpson, Alex Taferner, Dusan Kriz, Simon Pircher, Hrund Thor, Senna Van Drunen, Mehdi Soltane, Tom Cordier and Marko Malsub.

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