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“It’s not a Parker Szumowski drop without a banger of a video part!”

To accompany Parker’s new snow collection with Vans they have released this delightfully chaotic film featuring himself alongside Blake Paul, Jake Kuzyk, Mike Rav, Cannon Cummins, and others, doing everything from dropping hammers to learning how to drive a stick shift with Savannah Shinske.

Parker’s raw energy and fearless style have made him beloved among his direct Vans snow peers and the wider snowboarding community. If you want to hit a gnarly rail or set out on a wild backcountry expedition, he’s the guy that’s guaranteed to say, “who cares” and go with you. That mixture of versatility and vigor is on full display with his latest Vans Snow collection… on and off-mountain wear in a sleek black and red colour scheme.


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