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Originals, Videos November 7, 2023November 15th, 2023


Words & Video by Robin Pailler

If there’s one trait I could use to describe Rowan Zorilla, it would be humility.

In a time where most of the world seems to be consumed by its own self importance, Rowan is a breath of fresh air. A humble, gentle soul, free of any ego, incredibly self aware, yet still one of the most ridiculous, multi-disciplined skateboarders out there.

At this point, Rowan’s second signature shoe with Vans has just dropped. He turned pro for Baker Skateboards seven years ago and he’s been a staple of the Supreme videos ever since Blessed (2018). Yet it doesn’t appear such accolades have led to an inflated ego or any form of arrogance whatsoever.

From revisiting his home roots in Vista, meeting his parents, surfing Oceanside, playing baseball with the LA Creamers, watching baseball via the LA Dodgers and skating pretty much every spot we found en route, Rowan’s good natured character and enthusiasm for life shines through.

Vista Virtues: A Rowan Zorilla Portrait

A Wasted Talent short film supported by Vans

Starring Rowan Zorilla, Davey Sayles, Bobby Long, JT Rhoades

Filmed by Robin Pailler

Produced by Josh Barrow

Edited by Robin Pailler

Archive Footage by Brent Zinman

Film Processing & Scan by on8mil


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