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From the World November 21, 2023

Excerpt from a journey to Japan

Keep your eyes peeled for our full feature from Margaux Arramon-Tucco’s trip in our upcoming print publication, Volume XIII | Video and photogrpahy by Rob Schanz & Max Houtzager.

Manifesting elements,
A path.
The sound of silence shifting to blurry vision of life.

An image of this dream
A vision of my imaginary world

It is
ten thirty in the morning and the smell of miso in the street
I inhale naturally
This feels familiar

My plate is empty
but yet I have loads to explore.
my brain

decomposing into particules

I can not catch up.

Time over taking time
I walk thru the line this song in my head

A message to Self

 РMargaux Arramon-tucco

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