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Oh, Laax!

When the WT hotline buzzed and the good folks at Tidal via Korua invited us to spend time at a mountain retreat in the name of art und snowboarding we answered with a resounding jawohl! After the decadence of the Vans Hi-Standard, we joined fresh and not-so-fresh faces at Riders Hotel and we were away, whisked up via Cable car to the Galaaxy (the James Bondesque structure that doth tower over Laax). The exact location of where we’ll be working is aptly named The Hanger, a glass fronted concrete structure sunk into the mountain leading straight onto the snow.

Our days are spent painting and riding and riding and painting. By night, we are served quite frankly the most delicious food we’ve had on any trip ever, by our new friend Pascal from Riders Hotel, with a Swiss wine pairing to match, because, well, Switzerland!

It’s a privilege to witness the artistic process take shape, and seeing works by all of the invited guests develop was inspirational. Some run early dawn patrols on the tools and others ride the days away in the mountain, working into the wee hours instead, set to an eclectic soundtrack as the stars and full moon dances above the alps in ethereal glory.

After our three-day high alpine residency, we descend down to the relative safety of Riders Hotel. To talk about Laax and not Riders is almost sacrilegious. More specifically, the Lobby bar of Riders Hotel. A revolving door of high fives, fist bumps, a fuck-ton of beanies and some of the finest and most aggressive goggle tans known to humanity. Mainly fuelled by the house Spritz, created by Sevi Vandermeer, and topped up with Moscow Mules. Rooms up top and a night club down below. A fantastic set up, and the location of the Tidal Art Show.

Now, whilst we may not be experts of all things art show, one valuable takeaway message from this affair is that it’s advisable to not pull an all-nighter with one of the artists in Zurich before the opening. But that is a story for another time, as art show we did, and a roaring success it was. Thanks to the entire crew at Tidal, Laax and Riders Hotel for having us. Whether we’re invited back is yet to be seen.

Once you’ve watched the short TIDAL documentary above, pick up a copy of Volume XIII which features a visual journey of our Haute Alpine Sejour.

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