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Originals December 22, 2023

A Year in Review: 2023

#10 – Volume XII

Our printed publication from earlier this year featuring William Aliotti, Craig Anderson, Ainara Aymat, Chris Burkhard, Yann Horowitz, Koldo Illumbe, Helena Long, Arthur Longo, Shaun Manners, Christian Maalouf, Julia Nar, Kaito Ohashi, Samuel Partaix, Chris Pfanner, Seb Smart, Warren Smith, Balaram Stack, Vilma Stål, Eli Thor and Melissa Williams in Iceland, Ghana, The Basque Country, Los Angeles, Western Australia, London, Indonesia, Chamonix, Greece, Stockholm, Barcelona & O‘ahu.



#9 – Alfred

Ain’t cross disciplinary learning the most beautiful of things? And none more so than encapsulated by the mutual appreciation, nay, coy admiration that the entire ‘boardsports community’ (cringe!) has for a certain Mr Arthur Longo.

But first, some context – for snowboarding is a delicate scene. Pushed so deep into the underground the core became molten lava. But the renaissance is blooming! Despite the distinct barriers to entry of whole union of binding companies to deal with and a strictly enforced rule of beanie wearing 24/7.

So it is with bowed heads and deep respect we made our way to the alps. To Arthur’s new adopted home of Chamonix. What you can’t read in this text is Arthur’s demeanour. He’s animated. Lively. Laughs in between sentences. A true conversationist.



#8 – Epokhe x WT

A frame made with Guilty Pleasures at the forefront of design and the days agenda. A playful nod to scorching European summers, days at the beach, thrashing up and down European coastlines with the sun on our backs and a thirst for good times.

Made in two separate colourways; Dark Tortoise Polished / Green Polarized and Ivory Polished / Bronze, the limited edition Guilty expressly purposed for a hot euro summer of decadence. Long lunches, shady afternoons under les pins y sunset swims dipping into the evening’s twinkling embrace. Featuring angular bevelled edges, subtle logo insignias , the Guilty is unisex, as pleasure knows no bounds. Some pairs still available here!



#7 – Aurora Australis

A chance encounter with Julian Wilson in the US spiralled into a three-day, Fireball-fuelled mutually assured destruction of Huntington Beach bender, as these things often do. And it was here that mutual olive branches of friendship were extended and it was decided we should work on a project together. A story. Julian was done with the tour and wanted a turning point. Being the upstanding surf interest/lifestyle publication we are, we decided that this was in fact the most marvellous of ideas and we were in.

Our full feature and interview with Julian Wilson can be found in our current print Publication VOLUME XIII.



#6 – Islensku

A delve into the surf culture island of Iceland and the people that define it. We scoured the island for waves and marvelled at the natural beauty of it all. Wondering how such things come to be and how the culture is carried. Coming to the conclusion that despite all the complications, the answer is simple. It’s the People. This is Íslensku starring Seb Smart, Ainara Aymat & Koldo Illumbe.



#5 – Hunt NYC collab

A few days spent in our favoured Catalonian city to shoot our collaboration with The Hunt NYC. We just very recently just restocked a few of the handmade jewellery piece here



#4 – Vista Virtues

Revisiting Rowan Zorrila’s home roots in Vista, meeting his parents, surfing Oceanside, playing baseball with the LA Creamers, watching baseball via the LA Dodgers and skating pretty much every spot we found en route, Rowan’s good natured character and enthusiasm for life shines through.



#3 – Good Hope M Feb

Mikey Feb, a man who needs little introduction. The man over the past years who stole surfing’s collective heart. Equally stylish in and out of the water, M Feb as he is affectionately known has long been a friend of WT, and when the opportunity presented itself to spend some time in ZAF in celebration of Mikey and his new Vans capsule we were on the next flight.



#2 – Volume XIII

Our most recent print publication with cover art kindly donated by Masha Reva, a Ukrainian artist who has waived her fee in return for a donation to Kherson help, an organisation distributing medical aid to those most in need in isolated villages on the Ukrainian front line near Kherson. If you also wish to donate to this worthy cause, please click here.




La Dolce Vita – Wasted Talent and Vans. Introducing two signature shoes, a wetsuit boot and a limited range of premium apparel. Inspired from our European Heritage and deep love of Aperitivio. Born in Lake Como, built for the world! If it tickles your fancy there’s a few last pieces kicking about here

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