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The Youth! Our friendly Biarritz neighbours have worked long and hard over this last year on a fully independent, self funded full length surf film (see above). Or as they nicely put it, “One year of filming, editing, traveling and messing around with our favourite wankers.”

20 minutes of top notch surfing from the good folk Issam Auptel, Jolan Boneli, Hugo Dejesus, Max Desantis, Titouan Dubos, Kelian Fanuele, Jonas J Souza, Marvin Klein Levin, Juliette Lacome, Pedro Lemos, Thibault Manson, Mathis Martinelly, Malo Martinelly, Teiva Sansoube, Jordan Sevellec, Raoul Torre, Diego Torre, Gabriel Viegas and Theo Wills.


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