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Video by Robin PaillerPhotography by Nil Puissant



enchanté (feminine enchantée, masculine plural enchantés, feminine plural enchantées)

  1. enchanted, delighted

When Karina Rozunko called me and asked if I’d be down to shoot a surf trip in Biarritz, I was naturally hyped. However, since I don’t surf, barely shoot surfing and don’t really understand waves, I felt I should probably decline. But Karina doesn’t take no for an answer, and since she’d already roped in Nil Puissant to shoot the surfing, all that was left for me to do was burn a few rolls of 16mm lifestyle, ensure caffeine levels were maintained at an all time high and basically become the self appointed TM of the trip.An easy feat when the the team you’re managing consists of Karina, Lola Mignot, Hanna Scott, Margaux Arramon-tucoo & Juliette Lancome. 

What followed was what can only be described as an enchanting week. Hence the title of our trip. I’ll leave it to the ladies themselves to summarise: – Robin Pailler


“Biarritz and its warm-hearted people have turned this annual trip into an ever-improving tradition. This place and its community continue to bring joy and memorable experiences to my life. 

THE ENCHANTÉ TRIP embarked a week after the QUEENS FESTIVAL. After a week and a half of wave-hunting up and down the coast, where some days luck clung to us and others called for nothing more than beach naps and frosty beers. Our team was solid! Juliette provided the cosiest beds for the initial 5-day stretch, Margaux her knowledge of perfect longboard waves. Eliza and Nill (the sweetest couple this side of the Pyrenees). Robin, our resident vibe-master, never hesitated to crack open a cold one. Hanna, with her ever-evolving hair creations. And then there’s Karina, queen of humour; the funniest person I know! 

We’re a bunch of unique individuals, and that’s what added a delightful blend of spice and warmth to our journey. Can’t forget to mention that Basque cuisine has claimed a special place in my heart.”Lola Mignot 


“The Basque Country was such a warm cuddle. The leatherbacks on the beach and the amount of carbohydrates was radical. Nobody knocked their teeth out or got into a car crash which is always good. Everything was enjoyable: surfing, eating and drinking spritz.”Karina Rozunko

“Enchanté is ‘nice to meet you’. But really it’s ‘enchanted’. Which, as an English speaker, feels both acute and extreme to say to people who were strangers in the immediate moments prior. But that’s why we love it.  Enchanté is a crowded summer sandbar peak. Enchanté is eating dinner together in Spain for six hours straight. Enchanté is practicing basic French sentences on unsuspecting and non-consenting bystanders. Enchanté is being chased by lifeguards for surfing into the swimming section by accident. Enchanté is being said 39 times on average per day. Enchanté is destroying the rim of a rental car in a mistimed exit of a roundabout. Enchanté is laughing really hard. Enchanté is dreadful hairdos. Enchanté was an invigorating moment in history where we were all in the Basque Country for two weeks together.”Hanna Scott


A short film by Robin Pailler

Starring Karina Rozunko, Lola Mignot, Hanna Scott, Margaux Arramon-tucoo and Juliette Lacome

Cinematography by Robin Pailler, Nil Puissant and Lisa-Marie Bosbach

Directed and Edited by Robin Pailler


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