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Interviews February 12, 2024February 27th, 2024

A Day In The Life feat. Sebbe De Buck

After a recent sejour in Japan with A.Longo et al this Janvier – The Japanese hinterland has a special place in our hearts. So when the Beyond Medals chaps shot us an email with a clip of a day in the life of Sebbe in Japan, we immediately got post traumatic stress of the 7/11 diet, hiking through nipple high snow, Onsen etiquette faux pas and the most amazing hangovers Sapporo Classic can do to a man.

We thought we’d shoot Sebbe a text to get his thoughts on the matter.


So Sebbe, what makes Japan so special?

The lightness and amounts of snow that comes down every day, combine that with amazing culture and my favourite food

What makes the beyond medals crew so special?

We’re all good homies in the first place that just love snowboarding. The crew grows tighter every year and everyone’s committed to the fullest. That makes for easy going trips of a life time

7/11 or Lawson?


On average, per day how many times would you go to 7/11?

On a regular riding day it’s prob once or twice

On a night out it’s all day

And night

Rookie numbers…

Best hot or cold snack on offer?

I know

They should put a couple in the backcountry

Ride in-out style

Hot snack probably some fried chicken with sauce

Cold , inari

Best Japanese beer?


Classic or normal?

Any on tap

Best Japanese hangover you’ve had?

We hit Tokyo for NYE, wasn’t sure if there was an earthquake or I was just mangled

Turns out it was both

Best advice for a night out in Tokyo?

Meet up with Teddy Koo

We did the same. Literally ended me. For weeks.

What is an Onsen?

Great way to start the trip with getting bloodied in Tokyo…

Place we’re the boys can get the family jewels out and kick it in a hot pool and scrub yourself while sitting on a little stool

They have the same for women too yet to find out

Worst Onsen etiquette faux pas?

Squeeze in

Hike proper Japanese backcountry powder with no verts or full hungover onsen in head to toe Gore Tex. With boots.

Onsen with the boots it is

What makes the Toyota Hiace the best tour vehicle it is?

Nothing That thing is the worst for any person over 5”

Get fucked. It climbs trees, with grace and elegance

The driver seat is the only one where you don’t have to dislocate your hips and sacrifice your back

But yes it holds up on some icy roads

Would you describe yourself as being big in Japan?

Haha well being a 6’4” western seems to confuse people so occasionally they’d hit a selfie at 7/11

Maybe just big on a global scale?


Junglist Massive

What’s next for Sebbe?

Just got to Laax today. Whole crew is making their way out here this week and we’re waiting for the snow to hit here in Europe so we can start filming around here

Riders hotel lobby bar. Talk me through it.

Usually something going down everyday. Great spot to get some small talk in or a drink after riding, before dinner, after dinner or any other time you walk up to your room from anywhere

Does it scare you a little bit?

It’s starting to…

There’s a backdoor if you’re feeling shy

We’ll leave it at that. Thanks for the chat Sebbe, good sport. Any closing remarks?

Easy, any time man!

Nothing special

Happy to be alive and living it up

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