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Born and raised in Mission Viejo, Orange County, Brandon Burleigh is the epitome of blue collar Americana.

From the classic comb back hair to well worn denim and plain tees; ‘All American’ isn’t just an aesthetic. It’s a lifestyle choice.

With a working class ethic and a full time job at Trader Joe’s, it’s quite the feat that Brandon is able to skate as much as he does, considering he only has two free days a week. But with a fearless approach to rails and gaps and an addiction to pushing the limits on how long he can grind and slide any number of skate obstacles. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name you recognise.

Días de Misión Vieja is the result of a day spent with Brandon cruising the Saddleback Valley, hitting various spots and skateparks, all whilst enjoying the fruits of his 1970 Chevrolet Camaro.

Keep an eye on this guy. He deserves way more plaudits in the Californian skate scene*.

* Full ZERO part incoming.


Directed, Filmed & Edited by Robin Pailler

Photography by Robin Pailler

Produced by Alexei Obolensky & Brock Carpenter

Supported by Uppercut Deluxe

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