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And we’re back. Back to the continent we love the most.

After the previous few years of travels to West Africa, namely Senegal, we’ve seen the joy, empowerment and escapism that surfing offers to children who are less fortunate than us, yet who have an abundance of waves on their doorstep. Kids that often don’t have the means to utilise equipment to get into surfing or match their ability of the raw talent that we’ve seen first hand is prevalent throughout the wave rich, west African seaboard. Now Liberia isn’t without its troubles, and despite being on the rebound after a 20 year civil war and Ebola epidemic, there are lasting social problems. For young surfers to get their hands on decent equipment is nigh on impossible without foreign aid. However, despite the evident challenges, we’re reliably informed there is a blossoming surf scene, one which we intend to discover more about – and hopefully leave it in a better place than we found it in.

This is where you come in. We’ll be taking donations of surfboards, fins, leashes, and any relevant surf paraphernalia right up to the 9th of April.

Please ensure equipment is in good working order, as we are unable to repair boards before our departure and we want to offer the good people of Liberia the best we have to offer.

Donations can be made at the old faithful WT HQ, which the address – as ever is:

Wasted Talent Boutique
202 ave de Menuisers
Soorts Hossegor


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