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Our dear friend Cole Walton just uploaded another visual treat from his travels in France.

Shot back in 2022 whilst originally shooting Spanish Death with Summer Richley, Cole became friends with our mate Nil Puissant. The beginning of a blossoming relationship one might say. And with the likes of fellow acquaintances Frankie Harrer, Nick Melanson and Tom Morat passing through, to name a few, Cole ended up building a random collection of visual memories. The result being this edit.

“I had been sitting on this footage and photos for forever and I told myself that 2024 is the year that I put everything out so that everyone else involved in these trips has a video to watch showing all the memories we had, even though the waves were not the best”.

But as we all know, it’s not about the waves, it’s about the vibe. And Cole’s videos always get a solid 10/10 for vibes.

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