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Video by Sam Moody | Photography by Josh Barrow

Oh Mürren! Last month we found ourselves in the Swiss alps drinking bottomless margaritas courtesy of Swatch.

Above, a short interpretation of our time in Schilthorn, sans brief, lingering in the shadows and mostly near the bar.

Welcome to the Winter Swatch Nines, an event like no other. It’s the bringing together of like minded personalities within the different walks of the professional snow world with no obligation as to how, and when to ride.

The result? Three new world records set amongst other personal accomplishments.

Joshua Barrow-63
Joshua Barrow-71
Joshua Barrow-191
Joshua Barrow-61
Joshua Barrow-64
Joshua Barrow-190
Joshua Barrow-75
Joshua Barrow-202
Joshua Barrow-81
Joshua Barrow-149
Joshua Barrow-62
Joshua Barrow-188
Joshua Barrow-97
Joshua Barrow-93
Joshua Barrow-94
Joshua Barrow-137
Joshua Barrow-148

“Swatch Nines was founded as an antagonist to traditional contests, as a playground for athletes to progress themselves in the safest and best way possible. Professional skiers and snowboarders in winter as well as professional mountainbikers in summer are part of Swatch Nines due to the unique format, the paradigm-shifting venues and the high-end media production.”

Joshua Barrow-203
Joshua Barrow-147
Joshua Barrow-175
Joshua Barrow-186
Joshua Barrow-199
Joshua Barrow-179
Joshua Barrow-183
Joshua Barrow-139

To see a longer, more informative video from The Swatch Nines, we also recommend heading over to our friends at Method magazine and watching their recap here


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