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A lost cooler, a jaunt around Europe, a skate film. The highly anticipated sequel to 2020’s Tom’s Tales is now available for your viewing pleasure.

“It took us a while but we finally found Tom. Tom the Cooler’s been on a bit of a ride with us. After his starring role in Tom’s Tales back in 2020, he retreated from the limelight – shying away from the fame that comes with being in a Vans Europe skate film. But we dragged him out of his den and he joined the crew on a jaunt around Europe, including stops in Athens, Barcelona, Lisbon, Hamburg and more, to film the new full-length film.”

‘Where is Tom?’ features full parts from the Vans Europe team including Martino Cattaneo, Jordan Thackeray, Rob Maatman, Willow Voges Fernandes, Notis Aggelis and Yeelen Moens, as well as a bunch of other EU crew!



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