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Bristol Based New Carnival have been on our radar for a little while. They’ve just played their debut sold out tour through Bristol, London and Manchester. Which from what we gather was a pretty loose affair….

  “It’s been very wild and very fun, we hadn’t really toured before so it was a pretty loose one. We started in London and managed to sell out our first show with help from our amazing support band Gurr from Berlin, the next night we had a pretty hungover drive to Manchester which was a very sweaty affair but crazy fun and way bigger than expected. We’re just waking up from a pretty large one in Bristol last night that was huge. We’re all pretty fucked to be honest, croaky voices, hungover, very run down but we wouldn’t change it for the world, we’re over the moon”

You can listen to their back catalogue here, we would highly recommend it. Watch out for their Album dropping at some point next year. 


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