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On record July 12, 2018


This Friday, we will celebrate Volume III”s french debut in Coolin, Hossegor.

And for the occasion, we invited two of our favorite bands: Cockpit and Cheaap. You might have heard of them if you’re into the French punk/garage scene, but if not, consider this your introduction.

If you happen to live in the magnificent city of Bordeaux or its surroundings, chances are that you’ve already seen Cheaap play live at Darwin or at some Volcom events. They are a noisy bunch of 3, and despite their online presence being limited to a few demos, the band just found a new drummer, and the new recordings we’ve heard were all banging. We highly recommend getting your ears accustomed if you don’t want to end up like our good old former California senator friend when they will drop hits like “Under my Skin” on Friday.

Cockpit is another band we’ve been hearing about for a while; Our first introduction to them was via Jules, all around guitar wizard and one of the 4 members of the band. We first attended numerous lives from one of his other band in underground basements throughout the city, most of the time led by Tito Lavole—someone who’s no stranger about basement gigs indeed…

But it’s only recently that we’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to the full band whilst skating Darwin with Leo Valls. They happened to be rehearsing, and hearing the echos of some of their new tracks made the session that much memorable. Our 4 pilots recently released their new album on Teenage menopause records, which has been welcomed with much acclaim and has instantly been integrated to our office playlist. If you’re in a hurry, but still want to look like you’d known the band since day 1, we would advise to check out “Hollow Man”, “You Hear It First” & “Trap House” (sorry if you were searching for a Gucci Mane feat…) in order to get to the page, and be able to act like you know the choruses by heart… Thank us later;)

Anyway, if you like what you hear, we highly recommend showing up this Friday in Coolin (full details here) for what should quite a rowdy one!


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