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Uncategorized, Videos August 16, 2017June 28th, 2020

Seb Smart – Round Here

We’ve known Seb for a few years now. We road tripped through northern Spain and explored abandoned mansions. Surfed left points and were shouted at by locals. We surfed cold waves in Cornwall in winter. We turned up in through southern France and Seb slept on our couch for what seemed like months. He’d then go surf the next morning next to all the Aussies and Americans and surf just as good. Even better. Unique.

    Unique and Seb are two words that go hand in hand. He’s a character. He’s incredibly honest. He doesn’t care what you think. He has a outlook on life that some refer to as ‘trippy’. We don’t. It’s analytical, ironic and calculated to challenge the status quo. He’s an original, a product of his environment down in the far western tip of the UK. An environment that has no time for fakes. A place that breeds characters. Brutally isolated winters and heaving tourist summers. Iconic scenery and good waves. A place you’re proud to be from – Round Here.

Filmed by Olly Fawcett

Additional Filming by Sashka Wardle

Edited by Olly Fawcett & Robin Pailler

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