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From the World November 13, 2017

Mr Pat Schmidt in New Jersey

I have a thing with the East Coast. Firstly its far superior in the west coast in many aspects but not ones I am willing to divulge into right now. Secondly the east coast has New York. New York is utterly fabulous and anyone that doesn’t agree is either lying, or not telling the truth. Thirdly the North East has seasons and seasons are important, notably Autumn, inexplicably called ‘fall’ in the US of A. 

   llustrated above ‘Fall’ is the queen of seasons on the East Coast, especially in New Jooz. We first met Mr Schmidt in New York, more specifically on the lower east side, Manhattan. We ate meatballs with Balaram Stack, enjoyed lunch time beers and then scaled the roof tops of the lower east side. We smoked a (legal I think) joint at the height of our roof top escapades. This made the descent precarious, aka I was stoned and terrified of falling and dying on a lower east side pavement. How would my obitiary read? Would it make national press? Regional? I digress. The above is a fabulous use of 3 minutes of your time. We spoke to Pat briefly this morning as he was boarding a flight to the Bahamas. Not a bad set up. A tip of the hat Mr P. Schmidt, and if you are ever on the East Coast, hit him up for a beer, or a Jersey sand bar….


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