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FM November 21, 2017July 9th, 2020

Wasted Talent FM #1: Evan Mock

Evanflame @yentlt.jpg

Photo by Yentl Touboul

“Without Music, life would be a mistake” – Nietzsche.

The first of WT’s FM playlist and what a gem it is. Welcome, take a seat and Enter the mind of Señor Mock.

We first met Evan on a rooftop premiere in Paris. This was the first public consumption of our Child Eurothrash and needless to say it was a very drunken affair. Over the next few weeks we crossed paths further in Paris, drank wine by the Canal St Martin, went to lavish dinners none of us could afford and generally had a very nice time indeed, thank you very much.

Fast forward (but predating fine times in Southern France) and we’re in a Parisian airport lounge bound to Biarritz and the ‘What you listening to’ question is thrown out. And here we are.

“I think the worst thing you can do is only listen to one genre of music. I like to constantly expand my library of songs and artists because it inspires me to create something new. Music fucking rules!”

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