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FM June 29, 2018July 9th, 2020

Wasted Talent FM #2: Brendon Gibbens

Photo:  Guillem Cruells .

Photo: Guillem Cruells.


For those of you how aren’t familiar with Brendon Gibbens, he’s a supremely polite, well educated and articulate individual hailing from South Africa, more specifically Cape Town. We’d first crossed paths premiering Cluster in Spain, and then enjoyed fine times in London, Munich and more recently in South West France filming for “Through the Pines“.

Living in a house with people you’ve never spent time with is a good test to know more about them and Brendon turned out to be one of the most pleasant companions we’ve ever encountered. Always making sure the fridge was stocked and dropping bangers as soon as we stepped in our rental van. Everybody who knows Beeg knows about his love of music. Especially the kind that’s best enjoyed on a Spanish dance floor whilst wearing a black satin turtle neck. With our office playlist needing a little refreshment, we thought the best way to spice it up would be to ask the man for what he’s been listening of late. 

And here you have it: Wasted Talent FM #2 with Brendon Gibbens.

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