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If after this year’s edition you haven’t heard of the Copenhagen Open… you might be living under a rock… buried in a cave… somewhere on Mars.

We had our initiation into skateboarding’s pilgrimage last summer, and to be honest, we thought there was no way on earth anybody could top it… Well believe it or not, the crew who run this ingenious shit-show managed to exceed everybody’s expectations once again.

This year was on a totally different level. Music festival kind of level. Throw in the streets, the world’s best skaters, a thousand skate rats, cheap beer, skateboards, bikes, parties at every-corner, a very tolerant police force, and Christiana’s finest haze, continually, for 96 hours and you can imagine the mess the Danish capital became this summer.

We still don’t understand the logistics in making everything run so smoothly and we’re still shocked there were no casualties to speak of.

I did bring a notepad but it got lost in the madness at some point, and to be fair we’re surely not the fastest media around, and chances are that you’ve already read everything about the event elsewhere on the net. And if not, well let’s just leave the last words to your imagination.

We’ll just say that the energy in the streets of Copenhagen at that time of the year is like nothing else we’ve experienced, and although there’s rumours it was the “last ever CPH Open”, we’re hoping they are just that, rumours.

Photography by Luca WernerRobin Pailler & Yentl Touboul.

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